We love sharing our client’s experiences with you so are now running a client spotlight each month. Get to know fellow barre babes a little better or if you are new to barre, learn more about the experience. 

Meet Anne
Age 38
Occupational Therapist
How did you start barre at Barre Balance?
I came across Barre Balance through a friend at work. I started doing your live Instagram classes over lockdown and then got myself signed up. I’ve been an online member for 18 months now.
Why barre?
I love the holistic approach to the Barre Balance barre classes, in particular the idea of mindful movement. The stretches and meditation at the end of class bring another layer to the class. It gives me the headspace I need.
Why Barre Balance?
I love the ethos of the brand and everything you guys stand for. You are always thinking of new ways to keep things fresh and us engaged. I always like to participate in the extra workshops you run during the challenges, I learn something new and it opens my eyes to new ways of thinking. The energy of the instructors is infectious, they are all so positive and it rubs off on your own energy.
How many classes do you do a week?
I do 2 to 3 live classes a week and push myself to do more during the challenges. I am an early bird so love to move my body before work.
What does your at home barre set up look like?
In the members WhatsApp group someone said they set up the night before, I loved that idea so started doing that myself. I started with just cans of beans and then bought some hand weights and a ball. I use my mantelpiece as a barre it works really well.
How do the classes make you feel?
I feel calmer, more energised, positive and a huge sense of satisfaction after working out in the morning. I feel stronger and more flexible and can see the difference in my body.
What’s your favourite class?
6am Tuesday barre cardio. I absolutely love it and never miss it. It gives me a spring in my step and always continues to challenges me.
Favourite barre move?
I love core moves, in particular any c curl moves. I’m also a big fan of the stretches at the end, it really rounds off the class nicely. Supine twist feels so good! I also love how you are always introducing new moves too and talk them through in detail so we clearly know how our form should be for each move.
One word to describe barre?
Inspiring! You inspire me to live a healthier and happier life. The Instructors encourage us to be present and cease the opportunity right there in class so you get the most out of your time at the barre. There is always a sense of intention.
What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting barre?
Just do it! I’d never done barre before and didn’t know how it would go but love it. You have nothing to lose, give it a try. It’s also great that you can take barre with you anywhere, I’ve done barre on holiday and whilst staying with family, it’s easy to fit in to your life