We love sharing our client’s experiences with you so are now running a client spotlight each month. Get to know fellow barre babes a little better or if you are new to barre, learn more about the experience. 

Meet Rachael
Age 28
Financial Controller from Liverpool
Rachael joined us for in-person classes at our studio before the pandemic and was possibly our first virtual client. She jumped straight into working out online and has not looked back. Let’s dive in and hear what she’s got to say….
How did you start barre at Barre Balance?
I joined one of their Beginner Barre Classes at the studio, absolutely loved it and got hooked. I was a little worried at first as I had never done barre before but the classes were easy to follow and not like a dance class. I started attending more classes in person and then made the move to online classes straight away. I have been doing classes virtually since March 2020! 
Why barre?
It’s an actual workout, you see results if you are consistent with your classes, your body becomes more toned and defined. I love how Barre Balance classes are structured so you know you are working every part of your body. It’s fun and you are made to feel so comfortable in class, as there are different layers in the same class you can choose what you want to get out of your workout and how far you want to push it. 
Why Barre Balance?
The community makes Barre Balance, they have maintained a very personal experience virtually. The members chat keeps you accountable and connected, you can chat directly to the instructors so you can make a friend of them too.
How many classes do you do a week?
I create a weekly schedule on a Sunday and commit to the classes for the week, a mix or both cardio and tone. I mainly do live classes as its two way video and I feel part of the class more. I try to do 4 classes per week, if I do this for 4 weeks I start to see a change in my body. 
What does your at home barre set up look like?
I have a dedicated spot at home, I set up just 5 mins before. Recently I have used lavender oil for the mediation at the end of class just like you do in the studio and at your events.
How do the classes make you feel?
Positive, uplifted and like I’ve had a good workout. I love the music they play so that always helps shift my mood too. 
What’s your favourite class?
Cardio Barre! I love the buzz after this class.
Favourite barre move?
Thigh dancer, I can really feel it through the front of my thighs and I love it even more when we use weights with this move.
One word to describe barre?
What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting barre?
Just give it a go! I started as a beginner and now love it!