At Barre Balance we run regular member challenges to help with motivation, momentum and accountability. Challenges are great for an injection of motivation and focus but how do we adopt consistent habits all the time? 

1. Keep your eye on your why.
Have a clear vision on what you want to achieve and know why you want to do it! Get committed by becoming obsessed with why you want to get to class. 

2. Have one focus.
Pick one goal, not 10! If we try to achieve too much at once we fail at all.

3. Schedule. Make space for your classes in your diary.
As Steven Covey said ‘Don’t prioritise your schedule, schedule your priorities’. Build your life around your goal rather than having to fit it in. Moving your body consistently is a lifestyle change, embrace a new way of living rather than shoehorning a class. 

4. Stop listening to negative Nelly in your head.
There will be times when you are talking yourself out of doing a class. 

5. Get back on the wagon.
You will mess up, that’s ok but don’t let that stop you. The quicker you jump back in to a class the easier will be to get going again.