Barre Balance, founded in 2019 had to along with many other businesses close their doors months after opening when the pandemic hit. The Liverpool based Barre Studio managed to maintain and expand the business pivoting to an online platform through the tough times and growing the team of instructors from just Founder Natalie to four extensively accredited barre instructors. The Virtual Online Studio has gone from strength to strength and continues to offer clients hundreds of high quality on demand Barre classes, live classes to help with accountability and an incredibly supportive online community enjoyed worldwide. But by popular demand the doors to the Liverpool Barre Studio have reopened and in-person classes are back alongside the 2 online offerings Barre Balance has; Barre on Demand and Beyond The Barre.

Due to the relaxation of COVID rules and staff being encouraged back into the office, Founder Natalie is keen to service those returning city workers. Natalie says ‘Office spaces are slowly beginning to fill back up in the city and as a small business we are very much looking forward to delivering post work classes to those back in the office. It’s important to support people’s wellbeing by providing them with the opportunity to regain a healthy routine and engage with others face to face outside of work time’. Located just off Old Hall street the studio is in a prime location in the heart of the city, a short walk from most offices and round the corner from Moorfields station.