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At 25 I found myself up the corporate ladder I had been climbing with laser focus vision, successfully sat in the Senior Management Team, pursuing my career in the hospitality industry straight out of University and without much thought for anything else. I thought this was the only way. I worked long days, had few boundaries, work was my life, my identity. And I didn’t really question it. 

Until I was forced to.

At 27 I lost my dad to cancer. Everyone deals with loss differently but for me the grief was all encompassing and I realised it was time to reassess things. 

I wanted to live a happier life, for my dad and for myself. 

I took a sabbatical from my job, got on a plane to Bali, not knowing that I wouldn’t be returning and a new life was calling.


I wanted/needed to feed my soul, enrich my life, I threw myself into yoga, enjoyed many a smoothie bowl and just bathed in all that Bali had to offer. 

Bali led to South East Asia which led to a move to Melbourne, Australia. My intention was to get a care free, light hearted job, selling ice creams on the beach was the plan. Safe to say that didn’t happen and I went straight back to the comfort of a corporate job in events with responsibilities, promotions and the same burnout to follow. 

My soul wasn’t in it anymore. 

It was time for another change and another plane ride to help make it happen. What that change was to be, I still didn’t know. But I was starting to make good foundations, by this point I was in love with Barre and a new healthy lifestyle that Australia makes so easy. 

I returned to Bali and trained as a life coach. The journey of doing so helped me personally so much, giving me time to think, process and grow. This is where I truly learnt to start investing in myself. 

After adventures in New Zealand, China and Western Australia I went back to Bali for a Barre Retreat which is where and when I found what I had been looking for. That Autumn I completed my Barre Instructor course in Byron Bay at one of the best training schools in the world.


After I qualified I returned home, but  with different energy and intention. I had a fire in my belly, a new perspective and I had finally filled up my cup. I knew at the root of it all I wanted a happier life and I wanted to help others have and feel the same. 

My goal was to open Liverpool’s first dedicated barre studio and provide a new and exciting movement experience, a community built on connection, positivity and love.

Alongside a full time job I hustled. In parks, community halls, carrying my kit as I went, I had a message to spread and I wanted everyone to know about Barre Balance. And then it happened, the doors to the studio opened in September 2019 and I couldn’t have been happier. Little did I know this was just the beginning. 


Then as the story of 2020 goes, Covid hit 6 months after the studio opened.

This wasn’t going to stop me and I realised that in fact this was the time people needed Barre Balance the most. We went from an in-person studio business to 100% online…and we grew. 

Yes, we all missed the personal connection and in-studio experience but we managed to stay connected, we became more important in many ways, connecting with our members daily when maybe they had no one else, or our class was the only time they had in their day to focus just on themselves. It was a tough but incredible time. 

I made the decision to put all our effort into creating  an incredible virtual barre studio that offers a level of connection like you are in a physical space but without the physical boundaries. Not just a platform but a holistic approach to movement providing the tools and guidance to support people to become healthier and happier. We now offer in person classes and run beautifully curated events to support our virtual offering. 

Barre Balance is now a Virtual and In Person Barre Studio that transforms lives.

It’s been an incredible and extremely tough journey up until this point but finding my passion, the reason why I feel like I am on this planet and how I can help and serve others is something I feel very lucky to have found. We are positively impacting lives, seeing transformative results and supporting people to create lasting change.  

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