We spoke to one of our clients who used to dance when she was younger and asked her why barre works for her…

“I wanted to find a workout that incorporated elements of dance but wasn’t necessarily a traditional dance class. In class we do some classic ballet moves but always put a fun spin on them, which is what I love. I like that I can use some of my ballet experience but without the formality of a ballet school set up. 
I have seen amazing results since starting barre classes. It’s a different type of movement which challenges my body in a new way. I was a bit apprehensive at first as I hadn’t done barre before and was worried the classes would be highly choreographed but they are so easy to follow and still make me feel like a dancer. 
When joining the class we are asked to set an intention and encouraged to move with purpose, this really works for me as I struggle to stay focused sometimes. Some days I set an intention to push myself and take all the add ons and other days I am just pleased to make it to class so opt for the modifications and take my time. In dance classes this was never an option, we had to stick to the dance so I really enjoy being able to move at a pace which is good for me that day. 
I would recommend barre to anyone who used to dance, it was just what I was looking for. It’s a great way of staying connected to dance whilst also introducing a new form of movement too, plus it’s so much fun!”