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We’ll help you create a healthier happier life through movement you actually enjoy. As well as creating lasting positive habits which helps you worry less and love yourself more. The Barre Balance experience is a gateway to greatness, through our in person classes at our Liverpool studio, live and on demand classes from your virtual platform or thoughtfully designed pop up events in London.

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What we do

Our studios deliver incredible barre classes from specially trained top instructors who design classes to energise you, push you and see results. We welcome everyone, no matter your age, ability or gender, we whole heartedly welcome you all in! We bring people together to create new connections where ever they are in the world, we are one big friendship circle. Joining our loving community will instantly make you feel part of something special. We are a collective, a movement, a group of incredible humans on a mission to live life to its fullest.

Barre, body
and mind

Barre is a movement like no other, it fuses the core components of pilates with the fluidity of yoga and the beautiful grace of ballet. Our signature Barre Balance method lengthens and strengthens your body through low impact, small targeted movements which fatigue muscle groups quickly creating the classic ‘barre burn’. We use light hand weights and resistance to shape and tone your body. Our classes are layered so you can tailor the class to your ability or intention. Our focus is to create a space for you to let go, enjoy moving your body and connecting with your breath. We are not a physical results based studio, yes, your body may change with us but our intention is to serve you on a deeper lasting level. This is what makes Barre Balance different from most virtual studios.  Find out more here

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What our community have to say


BB is one of a kind! We’re so blessed! I just love scrolling and looking at all the options!


Nat you are a dream, and the community you have created is so empowering. It has been a privilege to witness everything Barre Balance offers (all from 256 miles away). I am definitely a barre convert, and I am looking forward to continuing my Barre Balance journey


I just wanted to say that this challenge is doing wonders for my confidence and determination. Thank you so much! I’ve managed to do 5 live classes this week and I couldn’t be more proud!


The barre challenge has completely transformed how I have felt physically and mentally during this tricky period. I have felt stronger after every workout, and it’s so energising..”

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Bulloch House, 10 Rumford Place, L3 9DG

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